Ah… Here we go again. New day, new replacement in the roster of Made in Brazil. With each transfer they lose more and more positions in HLTV ranking and in the quality of gameplay. Constant transfers do not lead to anything. What’s next?

I have great respect for all the players of MIBR. FalleN, fer and TACO are truly the legends of the Brazilian and worldwide Counter-Strike, but it’s so frustrating to watch eternal suffering of Made in Brazil.

EPICENTER 2017 in Saint-Petersburg was the first CS:GO LAN i have ever visited. I was so excited about the final match versus Virtus.pro and SK Gaming. Epic comeback on Train and an impressive victory on Cobblestone with double OTs. What could be better as a first CS impression?

It was the roster with boltz and nobody could expect what would happen with the Brazilians soon after the EPICENTER. What started in early 2018, keeps going more than two years later.We can’t know the real reasons (only players and the organization could), but it looks ridiculous from the side view. Yeap, the core of the team was holding in top-4 for almost two years. And how hard was it to fall, to realize that you are not the almighty power after those successful years?

The system was the same every time: The Brazilians made a replacement in the team, gave the roster a few months to prove themselves, then they changing roster again due to unsuccessful results. And MIBR prefers not to change the core, but to swap the rest players.

What could it be? The most probable reason is that the issue is hidden in the core players – FalleN, TACO, or fer. I would even say FalleN and fer, excluding TACO. It may sound disappointing, but if you see the issue not in yourself, but in somebody else, and try to solve it swapping the players… Well, later or sooner time to reflect properly will arrive. I hope so, at least.

We can’t name the particular issues that affect the team inside of it – it might be internal conflicts, lack of communication, wrong attitude or whatever.

But if you look deeper inside yourself instead of periodical roster changes, maybe you will find success.