When it comes to anti-eco or anti-force rounds in CS:GO, very few people set their sights on MP7. Also, this weapon has never been in the meta on pro-scene, so the usage percentage of MP7 is very low. But let’s take a closer look, maybe, this weapon is slightly underrated.

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The actual power of MP7 lies in the fact that it’s “better than average” in many aspects. At first glance, it doesn’t matter that much, but if we take into the account current economic system, those small advantages merge into a bigger one.


MP7 got the second-highest damage versus helmet amongst all SMGs. Unlike MP9 and MAC-10 it might cause 100 damage with 3 bullets if we take 1 headshot + 2 bodyshots. MP9 and MAC-10 require 1 headshot + 3 bodyshots.

From this point of view, UMP-45 is the only SMG that got higher damage both in body/head: UMP-45 causes 91 damage versus helmet in 1 bullet. But if we take a look across all other parameters, UMP-45 got the worst reload time, movement speed, and firerate, as well it has only 25 bullets in the magazine.

Oh, i forgot to mention, we don’t count P90 as a real SMG. Like, it’s not a real deal to buy P90 in most serious situations.

Accuracy & armor penetration

MP7 got second-highest armor penetration (62.5%), accuracy range, and the best recoil control amongst SMGs.

What we have to say about separately, is how MP7 shoots: since it’s got low recoil summarizing all the parameters, it allows you to burst by 5-7 bullets with no real harm to accuracy. Also, it’s the most suitable SMG for long-range distances if you shoot by 1-2 bullets. C’mon, it’s impossible to somehow set your aim with MP9 or MAC-10 on long-range.


Bullets in magazine

Okay, that one doesn’t really matter, but still, we have to mention that the only black sheep of SMGs family is UMP-45 with 25 bullets in the magazine. All the rest got 30.

Firerate & reload time

Not that much to say about, pretty average firerate, but the reload time is the second-lowest amongst all SMGs, 3.1 seconds.



It’s actually the main thing that scares most of the players. $1500 is not a joke. The typical reason is like: “oh, it’s UMP-45/MP9/MAC-10 + flashbang/HE/smoke. Better to get a nade.” But now in the meta of almost constant force-buys after the lost pistol, firepower is important.
And MP7 might give you this additional firepower. But it doesn’t remove the fact it costs a lot.

Not typical spray pattern

Unlike other SMGs, MP7 got a different spray pattern: if MAC-10 or MP9 goes left-higher, MP7 firstly goes right and higher, than suddenly goes left (it’s could be close to UMP-45, but still differs).
People got used to MAC-10/MP9/UMP-45 recoil and it’s hard to adapt for MP7. Not even hard, but extremely hard.


Well, i’m not sure how important it is, but with MP7 you move slowlier than with other weapons. While all of other SMGs got 230-240 movement speed, for MP7 this value is... 220. Awkward.

Summarizing all the said above, we can't say MP7 is overpowered weapon, but the fact is that in current meta, you surely have to try it out on anti-eco and anti-force rounds!