Inferno is a well-balanced map in CS:GO – you need both aim and tactical knowledge to find a success here.

Today we want to show you several basic smokes. If you want to learn more grenades on Inferno, you can visit our article with molotovs and flashbangs.


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T-spawn to mid

This is the most common smoke that you have to know. If you want to take lower mid (or even to come out of pit!), you have to make sure that CT's sniper won't take you down from top mid.
And this is the easiest way:

Mid to library

Crucial one. It doesn't matter – you might use this smoke to close the vision of the sniper, or you want to pass to arch, the smoke will help you, for sure.

Mid to arch

Easy to throw and useful smoke if you want to make A-site split using long.

Banana to B1

This smoke will help you to enter B-site. It blocks a vision from most of backsite positions and coffins. But still, be aware of a player on top of B1 and never enter into this smoke without flashbang coverage.

Second mid to balcony A

Smoke, flash, and just YOLO into the smoke and drop down from the balcony. Easy.

Second mid to long

Vital one if you want to split A or to secure mid control.

One more way to use the smoke is a fake smoke by lurker.

Mid to long bike

Once you entered the site splitting A via short & apps, you have to protect yourself from enemy's sniper.

This smoke brings you not only protection, but it might be thrown by a player that stays deep behind.
So you get the protection and a player on mid that could cut off rotation from banana.

Second mid to short

Here we go with a perfect and easy to throw smoke that covers short and boiler.

It will help you to pass long or it might be a starting point for B-split using CT-spawn.

Logs to CT-cross

Well. Default. Default of defaults.
It's very hard to enter B-site without the smoke on CT-cross.

This is the nade every CS:GO player must know!

Banana to coffins

Coffins is a very annoying position. Often it's more valuable to cover it with molotov, but what if you don't have molotov?

Then, this smoke is for you!

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