Heroic showed us a gorgeous way to play Counter-Strike at ESL One Cologne with the following victory. As always i prefer to go deep and to show that nobody is perfect.

My today's subject is one of the brightest Danish prospects in CS:GO (i find him extremely talented!), René "TeSeS" Madsen.

With the help of unique SCOPE.GG statistical software, i take a deeper look at individual plays of TeSeS at ESL One Cologne EU.

Let's get it started.

Died from fall

Funny thing: it happened on Inferno. Not every day we see someone jumping to the death on this map.

It's not a direct mistake. René had nothing to do with the fact that CTs are shooting him, but death is the death, and the software recorded it.
Also it's not affected the round result for Heroic, they won this one, so it's a more funny moment rather than a real mistake. So then let's take a look at how funny he fell.

Molotovs exploded in the air

Nuke, T-roof → top of hut (2x $400)

Sometimes there's no pattern to track, but here we can see that TeSeS failed the same molly twice during the event.

Instead of covering top of hut with fire it just exploded in the air (TeSeS, probably, misses a couple of pixels and starting position).

Such a mistake could cost a round if the team executes A-site. Players won't even check this position just because they know it should burn. Top of hut is a very sneaky and annoying place to play versus, so the anchor might make two or more kills from there.


Mirage, top mid →  con molo ($400)

One more molly that TeSeS failed at ESL One Cologne is the early molly from top mid to con that prevents CT's aggression (mostly AWP peeks from con).

If you noticed, TeSeS got blinded right before the throw and missed the nade as a result. Not his mistake, but good job by defense.

Total money wasted: $1200.

Died when he was inspecting weapon

The most exciting part! TeSeS had 4 such instances (and in one of them, he was holding the inspect key when died). We don't know yet were it mistakes or no, so let's go through.

Let's start from the one when TeSeS was holding the inspect weapon key. As we can see, he tried to run from T-red to secret behind smokes and couldn't reach the goal.

It's not a real mistake (TeSeS' goal was to run as fast as possible), but bad thing that he was holding the inspect key for no reason, that could take a part of attention and increase reaction time if TeSeS would have decided to do something.

Except the instance above, TeSeS had 3 more deaths when he was inspecting weapons. I like his karambit, but let's open the discussion: could inspecting knife affect the ingame-situations in the video below?

In my opinion, on Overpass and Vertigo it could affect, but if we talk about Mirage, definitely nothing TeSeS could do anyway. But when you press the inspect weapon key, you might lose a small part of a second and a bit of your focus.

Just for better understanding: at ESL One Cologne EU TeSeS got 8th highest time by average inspect weapon time per round (6.6s).
The average value amongst all players of the event is 3.3s, so, basically, TeSeS inspects his weapons (mostly knife i believe) twice more than average.

Fire landed in smoke

Overpass, monster molly ($600)

TeSeS miscalculated bounce and failed the molotov that could be important.

Vertigo, sandbags to sandbags molly ($600)

This is my favorite! Blind molly throw from the smoke cloud to the smoke cloud. Surely, TeSeS couldn't see anything, but then... Was there any point to throw this molly?

Vertigo ramp molly ($400)

I can't name this one mistake just because TeSeS 100% didn't know about the smoke on the ramp, so... It happened as it happened.


I would like to separately note two things:
• TeSeS should work a bit on his molly on Nuke from T-roof to top of hut;
• Would be cool if René pays attention at his inspect weapon values and instances. Later or sooner it will have a critical effect.

Let's be positive

As usually, i don't miss an opportunity to mention things where the player did a good job:
• No impactful teamflash assists;
• No deaths being blinded by TeSeS' own flashbang;
• No armor mistakes;
• Got the highest amount or round MVP awards at the event (59).