If you know few basic smokes – that's good. But remember it's important to know not only smoke grenades, but also molotovs and flashbangs.

It will make your life so easier! Today we are here to show you best Inferno molotovs and vital Inferno flashbangs.

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Balcony to patio (T)

This one will help you much if you are about to take mid or to prepare for A-site execute.

It's one of the main Inferno grenades, because patio is a very sneaky position. You can easily catch mistiming or get caught if you haven't paid enough attention.

And what if the enemy is behind column and you simply missed a couple of pixels?
Then, opponent could easily punish you or even might get a multi-kill.

Not what you want to see, huh?

Banana to dark (T / retake)

Let's switch to B-site. When you entering B, you MUST clear all the corners. Otherwise, oops..

Remember this easy to throw molly!

Banana to coffins (T / retake)

If dark's one of the last places you will check on B-site anyway, coffins if the position that smells much more dangerous!

It's very easy to punish attackers staying on coffins. What's even better – it leaves the defender an opportunity to rotate or go back after the kill.

Check out how to clear coffins:

Note: it's safer to throw molly on coffins than smoke!

Banana to quad (T / retake)

Left? Right? Oh okay i'll just wallbang it. Wait, how did i miss?

To evade everything mentioned above, just cover quad with molly.

Short to balcony (T / retake)

Don't let the defender to play around balcony on A!

Burn him, burn!


Second mid to short (T)

Uhhh, imagine this flashback in combo with patio molo and instant peeks.

So sweet!

B-site defensive antipush (CT / anti-retake)

Perfect flashbang to defend B-site. Nothing more to write here!

Boiler to mid (T)

That's my favorite! The flash is sooooo valuable.

Banana to B-site (T / retake)

A crucial flashbang if you want to enter B-site. It blind mutiple core positions of the site's defenders.

Also it's pretty easy to throw, but don't forget that your teammates have to cover you while you are preparing for the throw!

Second mid to top-mid (T)

One more core flashbang for T-side to take top mid. The difference is that it blinds more positions that the boiler one, and more balanced in terms of long/short affect ratio.

That's all for today.

Good luck & have fun on the battlefields!

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