Mirage is the one of the most played maps in CS:GO. It keeps the balance between tactical knowledge and shooting skills. Also the map is pretty balanced if we talk about T/CT-sides.

All of mentioned above makes Mirage really popular and by now, it's the only map of competitive mappool that was never removed from it.

Therefore, we are here to present you an eternal classic – 10 of the most important Mirage smokes that you have to know.

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T-spawn to catwalk

Default of defaults. Without this smoke it's very risk to take the mid, especially if we talk about early timings.

If there's no smoke on catwalk, enemy's snipers could easily take you down.

T-roof to stairs

That's an easy, but important one. Stairs is the lovely position of A-site defenders and if you don't cover it with smoke executing A-site, you are in big danger.

T-spawn to CT

One more essential smoke for A-site execute that will cover CT-spawn walkway to A-site.

T-roof to jungle

Third default A-site smoke to complete a full execute.

T-spawn to window (128 tick)

That's also a good way to block the vision of CT-sniper on mid in the beginning of the round. But be careful – it could be jumpshort peek or connector to top-mid peek instead of windown!

B-apps to short

We are done with A-site execute, now it's time to show an important B-smoke!

Top mid (boxes) to connector

This one is pretty useful if you have taken mid and want to move on closer to sites playing as T.

Backsite B to B-apps

Defensive default for B-anchors

Top mid (boxes) to window

This one could also be valuable if you are cought by the enemy's sniper behind the boxes or just want to move on down the mid.

B-apps to bench

The smoke is extremely useful, because bench and the space around the bench is a very sneaky positions – you can easily miss the player here or just to catch a mistiming.

That's all for today!


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Good luck & have fun ;)