Hello boys & girls. We are here to summarize all the notable stats of players at WePlay! Clutch Island.

Chicken kills

Let's start from our lovely hens. At Clutch Island teams haven't really played Inferno a lot which saved a lot of birds' lifes. Additionally, there were not that many chickens deaths counting per round: 0.8; the usual value is ~1.0.
Perfecto became the most cruel player with 16 total chicken kills.

Armor mistakes

Significant. Many people do not care about it, and it worth them a lot of money. What's interesting here: Boombl4 is a player of the top team and he mustn't has such mistakes.

Round MVP awards

I guess it was the first time we have posted such stats. Nothing suprising here, s1mple grabbed #1 position, but what we are glad to see is Perfecto on the second place.
This guy improves so hard!

Fall damage stats

Sometimes fall damage could affect the outcome of the round, but overall it just funny stats. If we compare to average value amongst all players of the event (0.16), feels bad: those guys got 3x more than average!

Flashbang stats

Incredible numbers by YEKINDAR: 3.22 seconds flash duration per throw with an average amongst all players of 2.36 seconds.
Simply, at this point YEKINDAR performed 36% better than average.

Expect cs_summit 6 stats soon!

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See you, guys.

Main image source: weplay.tv