Keep in mind that these stats only include events that took place in 2020. ZywOo and RpK are often on the top of the list of players that make armor mistakes, so we decided to go through all Vitality's matches in 2020 and count those slips.

Below you can see a couple of examples.

Disclaimer: you don't have to replenish your armor if you have more than 50 armor points as T or more than 57  armor points as CT.

We extracted stats from every single Vitality's match in 2020 and got the following results:
• ZywOo made 98 armor mistakes and wasted $63.700 (~13 AWPs)
• RpK made 146 armor mistakes and wasted $94.900 (~34 AKs)

Together they made 244 armor mistakes and wasted more than $150.000.

Out of those 244 instances, only 11 of them happened in overtime or in the last round of the half and couldn't affect the game (ZywOo - 5 times, RpK - 6 times).

In all other 233 cases that mistake might've affected the game, especially if we think about the fact that players could've done that mistake multiple times within one map.