T Side

B-oriented pistol rounds

In 4 out of their 5 last games Evil Geniuses were aiming at B site right from the start of the round.
Pistol rounds are usually quite random, so every little piece of the information matters there.

Fast A pushes when EG don't control Banana

This one is easy. When Evil Geniuses start the round without taking control of Banana, they will most likely try to make a fast A push or execute A.
It's just a tendency you should be aware of while playing CT.

EG like to control A Apts with 2-3 players

I can't call it a very unique pattern as many teams tend to heavily control Apartments, but in combination with the previous fact it's pretty important.
And in general, you always have to keep in mind that there may be some Ts in Apts.

CT Side

Pistols: EG like to take Apps

In CT pistol rounds Evil Geniuses like to take Apps.
It happened in 5 out of their 5 last games regardless of the initial setup.

CeRq doesn't start towards B and doesn't like get aggressive

If we take a look at AWP rounds, CeRq has never run towards B in their recent matches.

Also, I would like to add that Tsvetelin rarely gets aggressive either–several times he peeked Second Mid from Mid, and once Second Mid from A Apts.

Brehze often plays around Balcony & EG's 2 Short setups

As a A Site anchor, Brehze mostly plays around Short. He likes to stay around Balcony and the A Apartments entrance.

In addition to that, you have to expect 2 short bait setups that may totally ruin the round for Ts.

Specificity of B Setups

First of all, Evil Geniuses don't really like to play 3B Setups and do it less than in 30% of their rounds.

But the more important thing here is that EG almost always ignore switching setups after each round.
So, out of 4 rounds they will probably play 2B-2B-3B-3B rather than 2B-3B-2B-3B.
That's not something that can be easily used but if you can somehow recognize the pattern, it may come in handy in certain situations.