Hello boys & girls, SCOPE.GG team is with you!
We are here with great news: we have added a new feature to the site and brought a couple of improvements.

Let's see what we have prepared for you.

New section: Recoil

From now on we have recoil breakdown at SCOPE.GG!
You can find it in match review.
That's a crucial feature for players of all skill groups – using recoil breakdown you can learn what was good and what went wrong in the smallest details!

We track your sprays in matchmaking games and FACEIT matches, so now you see what happens in your real, competitive games, not only in trainings or on the wall.

What do we offer you in the recoil section?

  • We calculate the effectiveness of the spray based on your movement speed and movement speed of the target.
  • We track the distance between you and target during the spray.
  • We don't count sprays that we are not sure about. For example: if you randomly spray down through the middle doors on Dust2 and hit an opponent with a couple of bullets, we don't take it in account as a spray.
  • We know the particular opponent you are aiming at and when you transfer the crosshair to another opponent.
  • We count all sprays, all missed shots and all hits. Alongside it we track the particular moment when you hit the head.

But what's more important, we evaluate the spray and you can see how to improve yourself!

Default smokes in the grenades section

From now on, default smokes are available in the grenade prediction!
It makes grenade prediction much more useful and suitable, especially for not experienced CS:GO players.

We will add all the other types of grenades as soon as possible, we are working on it!

Additional fixes

  • Fixed retakes counting on Dashboard.
  • Fixed wrong links displaying for the "Clutches won" parameter.
  • Added tactical board shortcuts/hotkeys.

In the end, we want to mention that HLTV-demos analysis is currently not available.