Time for the fresh update on SCOPE.GG! Read more about the changes in this article.

What's new?

FACEIT ban tracker

Almost 1.5 years ago we have added an option to use SCOPE as the tracker for banned players in your recent matches. The feature allowed to see who has got VAC banned in Steam. Now it's time for FACEIT players.

SCOPE.GG will now track players that get permanently banned on FACEIT and it includes bans for cheating, smurfing, etc. Banned players will be highlighted on the 'My matches' page & on the 'Scoreboard' of the match they've played with you.

At the same time our Steam bot will now notify you whenever someone gets banned on FACEIT. Don't forget to add the Bot to your friend list, you can set it up here.

Self-analysis in Prematch Analytics

You've asked, we delivered! Now new users can get a full breakdown of their own play style on FACEIT: common positions & zones of agression. The self-analysis is avalaible for the map you play the most.

scopegg prematch
Self-analysis at SCOPE.GG: common positions & recommendations
scopegg prematch
Self-analysis at SCOPE.GG: positions & zones of agression

The new feature is avalaible only for new users in Prematch Analytics section or via this link. We would like to give all users the opportunity to try the Self-Analysis in the near future. Let us know if you want to try it on our Discord!

That's it for today. If you want to suggest your own coolest idea for the next update, don't forget to share it with us on our community server.

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