This bunch of updates on SCOPE.GG presents you with an updated Prematch analytics section, fancy 3D effects for grenades and players in replays and also fixes for several annoying bugs. Read more about the changes in this article!

What's new?

Prematch analytics 2.0

We have finished working on the updated Prematch analyticstool, which has been updated with several features to help you analyze your opponent even better. Thanks to you and a lot of other users on the website, we got many suggestions and made some major changes. Now you can better understand how your opponent plays at different stages of the round: before setting and after setting the bomb, as well as analyze his gameplay on the attacking side.

prematch analytics scopegg
Round phases for CT & T side in Prematch Analytics

Prematch analytics has got an updated algorithm for finding favorite positions, as well as a new "Recommendations" section. It contains useful tips and grenades for countering your opponent on their favorite positions.

prematch analytics scopegg
New Recommendations section in Prematch Analytics

You can suggest your own counters or show a useful grenade for any position on a dedicated #prematch-rec channel in our Discord community.

The Prematch analytics is still a work in progress. In future updates we plan to add the grenades that each of your opponents commonly use.

Update 0.25a & 0.25b. New 3D Effects in Replay and Performance

With minor updates 0.25a and 0.25b you can enjoy new visual effects in Replay and Performance tabs of any match. Take advantage of the effects by toggling the 'VFX' slider on the left side of the screen. You can also enable or disable player nicknames and set up automatic round switching.

2D replay scopegg
New VFX in Replay section

New 3D effects include:

• new animations for HE grenade explosions
• new Molotov animations
• new smoke animations
• flash effects from exploding flashbangs, incendiaries and player shots

New 3D effects at SCOPE.GG

Bug fixes

As usual, the update contains several bug fixes and minor improvements to make Scope even more convenient to use.

• Fixed a bug that caused "Replay" and "Performance" tabs to stop working if they were opened in a new browser tab;
• Fixed some localization files;
• Fixed a bug that caused automatic rounds switch to disappear after clicking on it;

The latest update is already available on the website. Analyze your opponent even more effectively and enjoy the new effects in your match analysis!

And if you want to suggest your own coolest idea for the next update, don't forget to share it with us on our community server.

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