Did you miss the updates? So did we! Another portion of the coolest features is already on the site. It's time to log in, get into the statistics once again and track your progress right now! Let's find out together what we have prepared for you this time.

What's new?

Compare your stats with every rank on FACEIT level

• Dreaming about what kind of performance the "globals" show and compare yourself with them? We have a solution! Now you can compare your statistics with a certain rank on the "Dashboard" page - just select the desired rank, and we will automatically compare your average AIM and Grenade Usage with the average of the selected rank. FACEIT ranks are also available for the comparison.

Compare your stats with Matchmaking ranks
Compare your stats with FACEIT ranks

Find your perfect teammate with SCOPE.GG

• We love our users and always help them get maximum comfort and benefit from each game. With our new service it has become even more enjoyable. Find your ideal teammate with us! Click the link & fill out the form now, and we will automatically find a perfect teammate for you.

Find your teammate with SCOPE.GG

The form is available now, but we still working on our database to make the match system available for everyone later this month. You can find out more about the new section by clicking the link below.

Who is the ideal CS:GO teammate and how to find him?
Who is an ideal CS:GO teammate? SCOPE.GG presents a new unique service for finding teammates in CS: GO. Fill out the form and get the chance to find your perfect teammate to play together!

Find out more about your performance on the map

• Added a new section in the match review — "Heat maps". This section will help you learn more about your performance on the map and see where on the map you were able to demonstrate your best (or not quite the best) game. Indicators of damage and kills/deaths ration on the map are available. Try it now!

Heat maps in Match Replay

More icons to the God of Icons!

• Long-awaited 2D replay changes are already there. We've added even more icons to make player actions on the map clearer. Added: bomb plant timer, bomb defuse timer, bomb action timer, weapon icon next to player icons - now you can quickly understand what weapon each player used.

New incons in 2D replay

- I said that he was cheating! (c)

• All cheaters will be punished! Now our Steam bot has learned how to inform you about the players who got a VAC ban after playing with you or against you. After the VAC system detects the use of prohibited software by a player, you will be the first to know about it! The bot will send a notification with the player's nickname and a link to the match, after which the cheater was banned.

Fixed. Reworked.

• Reworked and re-added the link to the highlights of the last match from the "Dashboard" page.

• Fixed a bug with displaying one flash grenade instead of two in the equipment list in the match replay.

• Fixed a bug with incorrect display of side switching in Short Matches (9 rounds matches)

• Fixed scrolling in the menu and on the friends list.

• Added the ability to navigate to the lobby for FACEIT and Fastcup matches played more than 20 days ago.

Did you like the update? It's time to check your statistics on the site. Well, if you have long wanted to suggest your coolest idea for a new update, do not forget to share it with us on our community server .

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