CS2 is here!

We've added the ability to upload & analyze Premier matches to let everyone always stay in touch with their in-game performance. SCOPE.GG provides unique CS2 stats that help people get better in the game. Jump in & start analyzing your games to significantly boost your CS2 skills!

How to track my CS2 stats & get an access to the match history?

To start tracking your matches on SCOPE.GG, simply log in with your Steam of FACEIT account. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see your CS2 stats & match history.

scopegg cs2

Check it out:

· get an access to the detailed stats: AIM & Grenades, Clutches, Economy, Heat Maps & First Duels

scopegg cs2
CS2 Match page at SCOPE.GG

· check your Highlights and analyze Mistakes

scopegg highlights
Highlights at SCOPE.GG

· watch the 2D Replay - the feature is avalaible for free!

2d replay scope.gg
2D replay of a CS2 match at SCOPE.GG

Always stay in touch with your latest matches - set up the Autoupload feature. Just copy & paste your Recently Completed Match Token & Authentification Code. You can find them here and get notified your performance in recent matches. Our Steam bot will send you a message with the link to your last played match.

cs2 scopegg
Your matches page at SCOPE.GG
scopegg cs2 stats
Auto upload feature at SCOPE.GG

Good luck in CS2, player!