A warm welcome to all CS:GO lovers! SCOPE.GG team has great news for you – we open the grid of practicing servers. It will be a great addition to all of the other SCOPE.GG features – 2D-replay, personal recommendations, deep stats, and grenade prediction.

Now you don’t need to seek for a warm-up and practicing servers manually for hours, just go visit SCOPE.GG and choose the one you need; several different types of servers are available. Our servers are well-optimized, based on 128-tickrate and you will always have a good ping.

Check it out now

Don’t forget that we are here to help you improve CS:GO skill at all points.
Following types of servers are already available:

  • Classic Deathmatch (You improve: time to damage, accuracy spotted, median kill time)
  • Classic retake (You improve: positioning, decision making, time sense)
  • Headshot Deathmatch (You improve: Headshots, Accuracy spotted, Time to damage)
  • Pistol Deathmatch (You improve: Accuracy spotted Headshots Median kill time)

Soon we are going to add 3 new types of servers:

  • AWP Deathmatch (You improve: sniper rifles accuracy, time to damage)
  • Bunnyhop (You improve: movement,ingame model sense)
  • Arena (You improve: clutch, accuracy spotted, mental performance)

By combining training sessions on different types of servers, you will improve all aspects of the game:

  • Deathmatch helps to improve accuracy and shooting overall, separately we want to mention that pistol rounds accuracy is important
  • Arena helps to improve clutch performance. What could be better than sweet 1v1?
  • Retake servers help to improve positioning and afterplant performance.
  • Don’t forget about the movement! Bunnyhop is also important.


  • It’s totally free
  • Only ingame situations on arena and retake servers. Also, we are mixing them up, so you won’t be bored!
  • Best servers’ optimization and settings
  • 128-tickrate
  • It’s important to know that practicing servers is just a part of SCOPE.GG educational and training service. Alongside with other SCOPE.GG features you will improve even faster

What are we going to add in the nearest future?

  • Stats and activity of practices
  • New training modes
  • Steam community practice maps
  • Comprehensive development of the SCOPE system.GG to enhance a comprehensive approach to training.

If you still have any questions or experiencing issues, the easiest way to communicate with us is our Discord-community or support bubble on SCOPE.GG.
Also, you can message us on social media.
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Stay tuned and constantly improve!
Your lovely SCOPE.GG team.