A long time ago many things were different. There were a lot of dragons and unicorns on the Earth, cats could talk and B-site skybox was closed.

But one day everything changed and now we can throw nades through the upper tunnel's roof.

With that said, let's try to make a concept of B-oriented default round as CT.


With the recent update that unlocked skybox on Dust2, everything could change instantly, but teams haven't learned yet to use it effectively. Not that many of them use a lot of flashes and smokes through the sky of the upper tunnel. Even fewer teams use full B-site executes with upper nades.
The thing is that with the latest changes B-site might be looking like this after the execute:

With few flashbangs and mollies, it would be almost impossible to defend the site. And, as all of us know, it's even harder to retake B-site.

It's might be a smart idea now to pay less attention to long and make focus on B-site. From now on, it's important for CT to control the tunnel, so let's try to change the accent from long to B-site.


Round concept and initial positions
Let's visualize the early timings of the round via SCOPE.GG strategy board

Сoncept of setup at 1:40-1:35

We make initial 2b crossfire setup and wait until 1:30. To prevent the early rush, mid player should use this flashbang at 1:45 and at the same time, the defenders should land the smoke to the exit of the tunnel to B-site.

Early defensive anti-rush nades

If there's no fast execute done by T-side, wait until 1:30 and engage retake of upper tunnel.

Retake setup

So if we let the attackers to take control over long, the idea is to gain full control of the upper and lower tunnel.

Mid-player is the key for this round. Firstly, he has to throw the smoke at 1:35:

Then, he rotates to window and throws the upper flashbang 1:30 to engage the retake of upper tunnel:

With that flashbang B-anchors start their push of upper tunnel, window/mid player rotates to mid:

What to do next?

If you see nobody in the tunnel or meet lurker, then just take control of tunnels and move closer to middle to take as much map control as you can. With that done, you can prevent or try to hold B-execute if attackers aim at B-site.
If Ts are going to make A-execute, you have a chance to make smart rotation behind or to get comfortable positions for retake.
As a bonus, it's anyway easier to retake A-site, than B.

Flexibility or weakness?

Using this setup, you make the accent on B – only 2 of players are going to defend A-site.
So, there's a choice:
• You defend A-site with 1short+1long setup;
• Both players could passively stay on A-site on safe positions to defend the execute without active collection of the information;
• A-site players stack on short/long and leave one of the approaches of A-site.

Such setup might become an alternate round for the meta we have now. It makes the accent on the other side of the map and gives a different view on CT playstyle.

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The article written by: Slava "innersh1ne" Britvin, CS:GO analyst