The first place at Flashpoint Season 3 was the best and almost the only MOUZ victory in 2021.

Just look at the impressive multi-kill rating by ropz and frozen!

Mouz 2021 stats Multikiil rating
Mouz - Multikill & Survival Rating

Comparative statistics of all players for 2021. acoR is the fastest killer at the tournament - 154 ms from spotting to killing an enemy.

Mouz 2021 stats table
Mouz - Players' Stats

ropz and frozen have almost an equal DD per round, while the other are below the negative damage line.

Mouz 2021 stats damage diff
Mouz - Players' Damage Difference Per Round

An impressive first bullet accuracy by acoR and a decent first duels winning percentage by ropz.

Mouz 2021 stats hs
Mouz - Players' Accuracy & Open Duels Win Percentage 2021

acoR and bymas didn’t make any economic mistakes when re-buying their armor in 2021.

Mouz 2021 stats fun
Mouz - Funny Stats

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