G2 arrives at the event with 164 played maps during 2021 behind their back. Their best achievement is BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021, Nikola NiKo Kovač has the best rating of 1.22.

Brothers Nemanja and Nikola Kovač stand out over the rest of the team in MultiKill rating.

g2 2021 stats multikill rating
G2 - Multikill & Survival Rating

Comparative statistics of all players in 2021. G2 used 86% of the purchased grenades, one of the highest results of the tournament.

g2 2021 stats table
G2 - Players' Stats

Kovač brothers also stand out in damage difference per round, being the only players in the team with the positive values.

g2 2021 stats damage diff
G2 - Players' Damage Difference Per Round

JACKZ has one of the highest headshot percentages in the tournament with 23.4%.

g2 2021 stats hs
G2 - Players' Accuracy & Open Duels Win Percentage 2021

JACKZ is the only player in the team who consistently unnecessarily replenishes armor with 79 out of total 85 times.

g2 2021 stats fun
G2 - Funny Stats

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