Let's start from the most common number.
On average, players in IEM Beijing Online have pressed weapon inspect key (disclaimer: we count not "F" key pressed, but inspect weapon instances) 1413 times, or 6.22 times per round.

3 players haven't pressed inspect weapon key a single time!
Here are the heroes:

• RpK
• tiziaN
• cajunb

On the other side, leaderboard of the players by absolute numbers looks like this:

Though it looks like Electronic is far ahead... Well, we shouldn't forget that Nivera has played not all the maps for Vitality, due to 6-man roster of the French team.

If we recount the numbers per round, we will get following top-3:

• Nivera pressed the inspect weapon key 33.86 (!) times per round. That's 5.5 times more than average!

• twist: 18.38 times per round

• suNny: 16.93 times per round

Alongside it there were players who have died while they were inspecting a weapon:
• XANTARES – 3 times
• k1to, k0nfig, TeSeS, ZywOo, HooXi – each of them died 2 times.

All other players have died only 1 time when they were inspecting a weapon, or haven't died at all.