These are some crazy number, aren't they?

Denis "electronic" Sharipov leads by a wide margin, having pressed the key 76,671 times. Anthony "vanity" Malaspina and Nemanja "huNter-" Kovač are right behind the Russian rifler in our top.

Only 14 professional players haven't pressed the inspect key once in 2020: BnTeT, Ethan, RpK, tiziaN, Aerial, Spiidi, dycha, xeta, Furlan, JonY BoY, Ellison, dennis & innocent.

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But if we look at the time per round, we'll see different players in our top, with the average inspect time among all players being 3,63 seconds per round. That means our top 3 players have done it 2-3 times more than average!

If we compare the numbers per round with the players that had the highest absolute number, then we'll get the following stats: electronic inspects his skins 5 seconds per round on average, huNter- 8,77 seconds, and vanity 6,66 seconds.

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