Dust2 doesn't require deep tactical skills. To find success on Dust2 you need aim and knowledge of main grenades. So here we’re with essential Dust2 mollies. Let’s go!

CT-mid to short (catwalk)

This one is good to stop Ts short rush. They could even go through suicide, so be ready to throw that molly really fast.

Mid to short

Easy to throw molly for short take. Be sure nobody will peek you from lower or mid doors when you throw it!

Short to A-site

Vital molly to kick A-anchor out of the A-site. Don't forget to check ramp and goose.

Short to goose

Goose is one of the sneakiest positions on Dust2. You could be easily caught by an opponent on mistiming. This molly will help you to clear goose.

Long doors to car

If you don't clear long car, you can't take long – that's so simple. That molly helps you to safely check car.

Upper tunnel to window

If you kill B-anchor, the rotation player might come from mid shortly. Often players prefer not to risk by entering B-site, but to check it via the window.

CT-mid to B-car

Yeah, devs changed B-site doors, but this molly still makes sense if the doors are in smoke.

A-site to short

This one could be used both as afterplant molly or to prevent A-site push through short.

CT-mid to lower tunnel

A decent option to clear close lower tunnel positions and the space behind the right mid door.

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