Not long ago, FACEIT, a popular gaming platform, introduced restrictions on downloading demos which we use for analyzing our users' matches. Perhaps you have already heard about this from our colleagues from Leetify. Unfortunately, this story also affected

Now, downloading demos from FACEIT will become paid for us: under the new rules, it will cost an extra €120,000 per year. Unfortunately, we cannot afford such additional expenses, so we will be forced to partially limit the ability to upload & analyze FACEIT matches for users without a subscription.

However, the majority of our features will remain free for all our users—we want high-quality game analytics to remain accessible to everyone.

  • Our users with Scope Lens or Scope Prematch subscriptions will have full access to the service. You will still be able to upload FACEIT matches without restrictions automatically and manually, as well as use analytics, clips and track your in-game progress.
  • For users who simply play regular competitive CS2 (not using FACEIT), nothing will change either.
  • They will be able to analyze demos from Premier and get access to extended statistics, 2D replays, highlights & mistakes, clutches, economy, grenades, used weapons, and much more without exception for free.
  • Users who have been with us for a long time will be able to upload 1 FACEIT match for free per week. For newly registered users, we will automatically upload 5 matches, after which they will be able to upload & analyze one match per week.

We respect and understand the changes from FACEIT. At the same time, is always open to dialogue and partnership, so we are ready to discuss any possible cooperation that will allow us to maintain free access to matches. Because we believe that access to high-quality analytics should remain free for the maximum number of users — ours, Leetify's, and other similar platforms. Team