Hey! The new Premier mode in CS2 became really popular nowadays. So many players that have liked Competitive mode tried to get their CS2 Premier Rating as soon as possible. 2 months after the release of the new game, we've decided to check how CS:GO Ranks correlate with CS2 Premier Rating. Here's the data that we've shared on March 7th:

CS2 vs CS:GO Rank Distribution
CS2 vs CS:GO Rank Distribution by SCOPE.GG; Sampled on 07-03-2024

This may be due to the following statistic: In 90% of the analyzed matches, the game was played for -115 or +360 premier points.
It's important to keep in mind that this data represents only the post-match rating changes, not the changes observed at the start of the match or during the side-switch. For instance, if a player on the winning team has just received their rating, while the others already had one, it might lead to a situation where 5 players receive a -115 adjustment, but only 4 receive a +360, potentially skewing the graph.

Premier rating post-match changes distribution by SCOPE.GG; Sampled on 25-01-2024

It appears that there was an assumption that the Premier Rating had to consistently increase. We will continue to monitor these numbers, updating the correspondences every couple of weeks, and delve into additional data to gain a more detailed understanding of how the Premier Rating operates in CS2.

You can read more about how CS2 Ranks & Premier Rating work in one of our latest guides.