Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut is one of the most discussed players in the world. Alongside it, ZywOo is the brightest star amongst all the CS:GO prospects.

But, as we usually say, nobody's perfect. We are here with a breakdown of ZywOo's basic mistakes and misplays at cs_summit 6 EU.

Grenade hit Overpass' train

Money wasted: $400

Such mistakes are critical, let's be honest.

Firstly, ZywOo should know the timing of the first train in the round.
Secondly, even if no, there's the specific sound of the incoming train.
Thirdly, it's guaranteed wasted money.

In this situation, thankfully, the mistake was not crucial – Vitality were leading with 14-2 score, versus weaker opponent and on the anti-force round.

Armor mistakes

Disclaimer: you mustn't re-buy your armor when you have more than 50 points as T and more than 57 points as CT.

Total instances: 5  / Total money wasted: $3250

What we could say here. ZywOo, surely, knows that he mustn't re-buy the armor at a high number of points left, but three times he did it when he had 51-65 points left.

Also, two instances happened when ZywOo had almost $16000 of money (but his teammates had less & it anyway was useless move).

None of the instances happened in the last round of the half or in OT.

Mollies exploded in the air

Total instances: 2 / Total money wasted: $1000

Good news: ZywOo has no constant mistakes and, actually, failed not that many mollies at cs_summit 6. Both instances happened on Overpass.

Monster to barrels (Overpass)

ZywOo miscalculated trajectory when he was running: Vitality hurried to B-site.
Good that it was not full-buy round for OG.

A-short to ramp (Overpass)

Hard to throw molly, but this one always might be crucial. Firstly, it's $600 wasted playing for CT-side, secondly, the molly is used to stop the fast push of Ts to mid and playground.

Mollies landed into the smoke

Total instances: 4 / Total money wasted: $2400

First one we don't even consider as a real mistake.
Vitality were leading 15-9 and the Frenches were in 4v1 situation, so i guess ZywOo did it with "ok why not" logic.

A-site to toilets (Overpass)

ZywOo miscalculated trajectory/bounce of the molly, but what's also important – it was the smoke of his teammate.

Heaven to B-site (Overpass)

Matthieu has thrown the molly to B-site to prevent bomb planting, but he couldn't know about the smoke in the site. We can't name it a mistake.

The last instance also can't be considered as a mistake, because ZywOo threw default molly to banana on Inferno to prevent rush and it has landed into mid-banana T-side smoke.

Concluding this section, i'd say that only 1 out of 4 instances was something that i'd pay attention at, but, again, what's bad is that all 4 mollies cost $600 and it's anyway a lot of money wasted.


All the sections below not always catch the mistakes of a particular player (now we talk about ZywOo). Sometimes it's about teamwork, sometimes it just happens as it happens.
The parser records the info about the particular event in dem, then we interpret it.

Team flashassists

Poor misutaaa

The flashbang of ZywOo fully blinded misutaaa for almost 3 seconds. That led to his death.

Two more instances surely were not mistakes.


Burn, apEX, burn

That's the funny one. ZywOo has thrown molly from T-roof to top of hut for fast A-execute.
Then... Flashes, smokes, chaos, chickens... And apEX died in the fire.

There were 1 more teamkill instance and 1 suicide, but we won't even think about it, because it was 100% not mistakes that could have been evaded.

Let's be positive

• ZywOo hasn't died a single time when he was inspecting weapon.
• ZywOo hasn't died a single time being blinded by his own flashbang.
• ZywOo hasnt died a single time from bomb explosion & fall.
• ZywOo hasn't killed a single chicken!


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