Smokes are cool, but molotovs and flashbangs are not less important, but, usually, less known. Let's go through 5 most important mollies and flashes on Mirage.

It's vital knowledge, don't miss a chance to learn a couple of default nades.

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Mid flashes from short & con

Default & very useful pop-flashes to peek mid or make a full retake. Not that hard to learn + those two flashbangs are extremely valuable and often-used.

But let's count it as one flash, since the goal is the same in both cases.

Upper mid to con

Kinda reverse flash, opposite to one of the mentioned above. Flash for attackers to move on down the mid and peek connector.

B-apps to B-site

One of the most important flashbangs for T-side on Mirage. If you don't know how to properly throw the flash executing B-site, you can easily ruin the round with useless flash.

What's worse, you could even blind your teammates.

Watch and learn:

Banana to top mid

If you don't have a smoke on catwalk, this pop-flash one could help you to take mid!

T-roof to A-site

Must-know flash for A-site execute to clear all the positions that are close to ramp.


Short to chair

The vital one. Often T-player hides around chair, and it's the perfect way to make him leave this corner.

B-apps to kitchen

That's the good one when you are executing B-site. If you haven't covered the window of kitchen with smoke - do it with molly.

Palace to shadow

We'd say shadow is ther most annoying position on A-site. Sneaky anchors could easily catch you on mistiming.

Stairs to firebox

The molly that you must know if you make A-site retake.

Jungle to ramp

One more retake molly – ramp is very dangerous position in retake situation.


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