The finalists of a dozen tournaments in 2020 showed an equally impressive result during the current season and managed to climb to the 4th place in our ranking of the best teams in 2021.

#4 Best Team of 2021 - Heroic

After the first two tournaments at the beginning of the year, the Danes decided to change their roster. niko and b0RUP left the team, in their place the roster decided to buy the duo from MAD Lions represented by refrezh and sjuush. At their next tournament Heroic showed an absolutely unexpected result for a new roster. The Danish tean began their journey at ESL Pro League Season 13 form the 'play-in' stage. Confident play allowed the team to get into the Grand Final and take the championship cup, beating the absolute champions of the online tournaments Gambit — 3:2.

Immediately after the ESL Pro League, Nikolai 'HUNDEN' Petersen, the coach of the team was banned from ESIC. Notice: the coach was banned for 6 months for using the "coach bug" and was deprived of the opportunity to work with the team.

Nevertheless, in the spring, Petersen resumed working with the team. Throughout the first half of the year, Heroic managed to demonstrate good results at tournaments of various levels. It was here that it became apparent that the championship at ESL Pro League S13 was only the beginning of the Danish team's dominance. However, before the summer break, HUNDEN suddenly leaves the team at the initiative of the team's management. It is reported that the contract with the coach was terminated ahead of schedule due to violations of some of the points prescribed in it.

The summer break helped Heroic to completely reboot and start preparing for several major tournaments. Unfortunately, the team did not manage to defend their championship in the EPL S14: in the playoff stage of the tournament Heroic was defeated in the game against Natus Vincere — 2: 1. The next important tournament in the Heroic calendar was PGL Major Stockholm 2021, which the team managed to get to even despite a failed performance at one of the IEM XVI qualifiers - Fall: Europe.

A few weeks before the start of the PGL Major, Heroic acquired Richard ‘Xizt’ Landström as an analyst of the team. During the tournament, Heroic demonstrated a good game, which allowed them to advance to the play-offs of the tournament and get their pass to the Avicii Arena. But in their match for the Grand Final spot, the Danes lost to G2 Esports.

Team MVP - stavn

In 2021, Heroic managed to show a willingness to fight against high-level teams in tournaments of various level. An uncertain start and forced changes in the coaching staff & active roster did not allow the team to compete for victory in the main tournament of the year. Nevertheless, reaching the semi-finals of the PGL Major and several confident victories at S & A-tier tournaments allow us to declare that the year has ended successfully for the team.

Interesting statistics

  • cadiaN died 102 times with a grenade in his hand.
  • stavn has 136 kills through the smoke.

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