For the last couple of years, the results of G2 Esports are getting better, despite numerous changes and the transition to a fully international roster. The last season was no exception for the organization. An unsuccessful start to the year & an unfulfilled dream of a championship at at least one high class tournament of the year only helped G2 to demonstrate stable results. And it is impressive: 3rd place in the ranking of the best teams of 2021.

#3 Best Team of 2021 - G2 Esports

After several unsuccessful performances, G2 decided to bench kennyS and get JaCkz back to the active roster. Despite skepticism about the future of the new team, G2 began to perform much better without a sniper in the roster. The reorganization of the roster allowed G2 to advance to the semi-finals of all tournaments in the first half of the year. At the IEM XVI - Cologne, the first major LAN tournament of this year, the French-Balkan team defeated most of the favorites of the tournament and reached the grand final. It was the final step in any high-class tournament that caused the greatest problems for G2 in 2021. This championship was no exception: defeat in the match against Natus Vincere - 0: 3.

After the summer break, G2 noticeably lost ground. At ESL Pro League S14, nexa's team failed to qualify from the group and set an anti-record of the tournament, losing 5 matches out of 5. During the tournament, the team could not show optimal performance in matches with Sinners, forZe, etc. The autumn BLAST Premier also failed to please the fans of the French-Balkan team - the roster also did not show the desired result already in the group stage.

PGL Major Stockholm became one of the most important tournaments for G2 in 2021. An incredibly confident and stable play from the start of the tournament allowed G2 to reach the Grand Final and fight in the match against Natus Vincere. Nevertheless, NiKo and the company did not win the desired trophy of the main tournament of the year. G2 lost their Grand Final  match with 0-2, once again stopping one step away from the championship. Immediately after the Major, the team parted ways with the head coach maLeK, who had been the ideological inspirer of various versions of the team for three years. MaLeK was temporarily replaced by former team analyst Jan 'Swani' Müller

Team MVP - NiKo

Despite the unsuccessful start to the season, G2 managed to confidently demonstrate the highest level of play in 2021 and get into the top three of the strongest teams in the world. The squad managed to consistently perform throughout the year and get to the final stages of S & A level tournaments. However, the lack of a full-time sniper and the psychological component did not allow G2 to achieve victory in any of the grand finals they've participated in.

Interesting statistics

  • JaCkz made 87 mistakes in re-buying kevlar. His teammates uselessly re-purchased armor only 6 times in 2021.
  • In 2021, AmaNEk received 1,034 fall damage.

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Top Teams of 2021:

# 10, BIG
# 9, Team Liquid
# 8, NIP
# 7, Astralis
# 6, Virtus.Pro
• # 5, Team Vitality
• # 4, Heroic
# 3, G2 Esports