Last week we have released a small update 0.09b on SCOPE.GG which has added new section “Economics” on the “Performance” tab which shows you the most common economic mistakes:

• Might had a better weapon
• Bought too much on eco
• Didn’t drop to a teammate
• Unnecessary armor replenishment
• Didn’t buy armor

You know that even professional players make this mistake pretty often.

In fact, you don't have to re-buy your armor if you have

• 50 or more points left playing as T
• 57 or more points left playing as CT

Otherwise you just waste $650.

It may not cause the instant consequences, but in the long term a couple of such mistakes might break your economy.

We have decided to check how othen Matchmaking players unnecessary replenish their armor at every rank. We analyzed 100k CS:GO demos and found that on average players do this armor mistake 2-5 times per 100 rounds.

Visit "Performance" in one of your recent matchs on SCOPE.GG to check your own mistakes.