Mid to bridge, Overpass (standthrow, tickrate: 64/128)

Easy to throw and pretty useful smoke grenade. Could be used by lurker to help teammates or to fake B-execute.

Setpos (paste it into the console when you are on the selected map to get the required position and angle of view): setpos -1964.004882 -2014.039672 470.16906700000004; setang -43 67.52859497070312 0

CT-spawn to top mid, Mirage (jumpthrow, tickrate: 128)

Nice smoke that will help you to take mid aggressively on early timings or to prevent T-side from taking mid.

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Setpos: setpos -1796.033813 -1761.382934 -262.136291; setang -26 38.3395881652832 0

Alley to A-short, Overpass (jumpthrow, 128 tickrate)

One more interesting smoke for lurkers or to fake the execute on Overpass.

Setpos: setpos -617.019348 -1510.03125 145.03125; setang -40 139.66802978515625 0

T-spawn to short, Dust2 (jumpthrow, tickrate: 128)

Prevent CTs' aggression on early timings and take short safely.

Setpos: setpos 20.03124 -628.036926 4.995765000000006; setang -24 82.05621337890625 0

CT-spawn to alley, Overpass (jumpthrow, tickrate: 128)

Is it legal? One of the best non-default Overpass' smokes.

Setpos: setpos -2238.773437 1054.3833 480.03125; setang -16 -54.531944274902344 0

T-spawn stairs to con, Mirage (jumpthrow, tickrate: 128)

Easy to throw flexible smoke that helps Ts to split A/B or to take con.

Setpos: setpos 447.980438 571.96875 -257.636749; setang -45 -120.13499450683594 0

Ivy to Z-con (B-side), Train (jumpthrow, 128 tickrate)

This one is not that easy to learn and throw, but it could be really useful!

Setpos: setpos 1089.74707 1711.919433 -165.976943; setang -29 -90.82022857666016 0

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