The article is based on 3 matches of in IEM Katowice 2021.

CT Side

Eco rounds tip

I can't say it's a very clear pattern, but tend to do two things in their eco rounds:
- Go aggro somewhere.
- Put a player inside Pop.
This information may slightly help as you'll know what to expect from the CIS team in these types of situations.

Pop smoke

If smoke off Pop in gun rounds, it means there's nobody inside.
You can often see pro teams do this in general. It might help to get Pop control or just learn that there's nobody inside and the Pop player is somewhere else.

Sniper's favorite peeks

Dzhami "Jame" Ali is known as one of the most unpredictable and annoying to play against AWPers. You won't have the slightest idea where he may be when his bullet suddenly takes you down.

But if you take a look at his matches, you can learn his most common peeks.
For Train I'd point out the following two:
Aggressive T Mid peek:

B Heaven peek:

Silent T Mid take

This one is pretty specific. The way usually take T Mid is irksome and unpredictable as a solo mid take without any grenades or noise can become a big surprise for the T Side.

It's a risky play, but if VP manage to get an opening kill, or if they take T Mid control, it totally pays off.

Even if this move brings no frags, you will still get control of the key area of the map.

T Side

A-oriented pistol rounds ended 3 out of the last 3 T pistol rounds on A Site. There were 3 different concepts (Pop expo and two different A splits), but the outcome was the same.

Force buy rounds pattern

Usually end their force buy rounds in two ways:
- Early timings: they go out of T Mid towards Sandwich.
- If they don't show early presence on T Mid, they tend to end on B Site.