Not that many people think about how important the manpower anvantage is in CS:GO. So, for CT-side, the loss of one player significantly reduces the chances of winning the round. Almost all the maps are designed for a 5v5 game, and when the defense is outnumbered, there are too many areas of the map that need to be covered.

Often, CTs try to equalize or regain the advantage in the round and after losing a teammate go into aggression. Another option for playing in disadvantage for defense is to collect information and play from it (for example, you could make a stack on one of the sites). In 5v4 situations, they can continue to play default, and in the 5v3 scenario, it is better for the defense to play for information and open up to the opponent in a pair for a trade.


After gaining an advantage as T-side, it is important to control the opponent's reactions on losing a player. In the second option, it is desirable to work together with a teammate to play for a trade to save an advantage.

In most of matchmaking games, an average of 60% of 5v4 rounds end with a majority win. Accordingly, in 4v5 situations approximately 40% of the rounds are taken by the minority. This is due to the fact that people in matchmaking rarely play from an advantage.

For comparison, here are the pro-team reactions in 5v4/4v5 situations:

5v4 BIG (78.7%, T)

  • BIG has shown an incredible result in the 5v4s in 2020. Due to the competent control of the map, understanding how to use weak zones, the ability to fake and catch the defense on the rotation, the Germans successfully played manpower advantage situations.

4v5 FURIA (36.5%, T)

  • FURIA became the best team in the taken rounds in manpower disadvantage – the Brazilians won 36.5% of the rounds in 4v5 situations. FURIA feels good in the minority, and their entry fraggers freely perform, without worrying that the team without them will lose the round.

5v4 Astralis (75.9%, CT)

  • Astralis became the best team to implement the advantage in defense for 2020. The Danes value the advantage gained and do not go for inappropriate aggression in defense. To help the players to move around, Astralis competently use grenades and slow down the attack on taking positions and executes.

4v5 Astralis (32,5% CT)

  • Astralis also showed excellent performance in 4v5 situations - the Danes managed to turn 32.5% of the rounds to their side. Information gathering, gamble stacks, reasonable aggression, and nice retakes are just a small part of what Astralis uses to play such rounds. Do not forget about the minister of clutches Xyp9x: he and his teammates have repeatedly shown how to win rounds in the most difficult situations.

Just Play to win and evaluate the advantage gained by you or your teammates.