So, in total, professional CS:GO players hit Overpass' train with different grenades 51 times in 2020.

That's interesting, because most of those instances happened with 1st Overpass train (which arrival time is fixed, even if there's a small gap – you still can here that train is coming).

What's noticeable?

oSee is the leader – 3 hits

Maybe, Josh just hates the train or passengers?

Burn, baby, burn!

7 players hit the Overpass' train with a nade more than once

3 of them are from Natus Vincere.
• Boombl4
• flamie (firstly we thought that flamie hit the train the most times – 6, but it was just a smoke from alley to short when we checked all the instances!)
• s1mple
• HEN1
• Maluk3
• JT

5 players hit the train playing on CT-side

How did it happen? Let's go through.

nawwk smokes rails

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es3tag's flashbang frag on KRIMZ

RpK blinds passengers and they are not happy

Golden does the same

cam smokes both rails

Ax1le blocks the tunnel

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