YouTuber fl0m has recently revealed what the new Tuscan is going to look like, and we decided to share our own thoughts, as well.

Brief Summary

The map has become easier to play. The devs have removed unnecessary structures, opened important skyboxes, added dynamism – all this will naturally affect the gameplay.

In general, Tuscan looks like a mix of Santorini and Cbble. A fast, dynamic, contact map will fresh the map pool and become a chic addition.

Also, with all the changes – grenades will be important on the map, so the tactical space is also in order.

Roughly speaking, the developers are trying to preserve the structure of the original de_tuscan, while adapting the map to meet modern needs and realities.

So far, so good.

Thoughts and takeaways

  • The map has gotten better lights. Good visibility. Although, in a couple of locations it could be better (for example, on Mid)
  • Timings are mostly the same if we compare new Tuscan with the original version.
  • Underpass: the same with a wooden barrier that you need to destroy.
    New feature: you can wallbang windows in Underpass and additionally you can use flashbangs to trick and outsmart opponents or just zone them.
  • You can’t destroy doors unlike on the other maps!
  • More balanced A-site: most of the wallbangs from the original version have been removed
  • A-site extended – more opportunities to use nades.
  • An interesting idea with the bridge where the size of the openings are identical, but the corridor has become smaller, due to the additional wall at the exit, it is now possible to repick the site from a protected position, or to catch a good timing.
  • Really open B-site with the ability to choose both safe and very aggressive positions.
  • No skyboxes (at least, partially). It’s a big difference from the original de_tuscan.
    The absence of skyboxes will add variability to the game of both sides: the attack will get more space with different fake rounds and splits.
  • The tree that prevented re-peeking long from behind the corner has been removed.
  • Now it’s easier to take kitty with a window control. More action due to the direct contact line between T and CT (previously there was a corner, from where you could throw nades)
  • Removed wallbangs arounds A-doors, which prevented T-side executes – that's a very good change for the balance in general.
  • A lot of wallbangs have been removed across the map.
  • Arguable moment: rocks’ textures – uncommon thing for CS:GO. On the one hand, it’s something new, on the other, rocks may interfere and let’s hope there won’t be any bugs.
  • The attackers will probably have better map control with better molotov usage as it’ll be easier for T-side to prevent the early aggression.