Grenade Prediction works in two modes.

Default (essential nades)

This mode opens when you open Grenade Prediction section.

Smokes, Flashbangs, Molotovs are available.
Tickrate switcher: available.

When you hover over a grenade, its' trajectory appears; when you click on the nade, a description and a YouTube video with a throw sample opens.

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As simple as possible for beginners and those who are learning CS:GO.

Custom (advanced grenades)

The mode opens by clicking in the upper-right part of the screen.

• Tickrate switcher is available.
• Grenade In-Browser preview is available – it allows you to cloesly realise the trajectory of the grenade without running CS:GO
• Throw mode switcher (standthrow/jumpthrow) is available.
• Smokes, molotovs and HEs are available.
• The 3D view is temporarily disabled.

Grenades' searching type switcher is available (start points / end points).

Start points mode

By default, start points grenades search mode opens.
The blue dots are available starting points.
Clicking on the blue dot opens a map with possible grenade landing points (yellow dots).

When you click on one of the yellow dots, the predictor gives you a preview, airtime, and preset settings for practicing the grenade.

When you click on item 1) you will start CS:GO with the server on the desired map.
When you click on item 2) the server settings, the position on the map and the direction for the throw are copied. This needs to be inserted into the console.

End points mode

When you select the end point mode, an empty map opens. When you click anywhere on the map, the landing point of the grenade is selected. It is marked in yellow.

The blue dots are potential starting points for throwing a grenade at the selected landing point.The next steps are similar to working with the start points mode.

GL & HF!

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